1. Blackbloom Wiki

2. Blackbloom (world)

3. Blackbloom (plant)

4. The Gods of Blackbloom

4.1 Life and Death
4.2. The Common Pantheon
4.2.1 Isyrm the First Namer
4.2.2 The Three Children (Maritae, Tallyr, Unnamed) Maritae (Wet Season) Tallyr (Dark Season) Unnamed (Dry Season)
4.2.3 The Sisters (Koreth, Liam, Perena) Koreth (Invention) Liam (Imagination) Perena (Luck)
4.2.4 Brother and Sister (Zephyr, Chloe) Zephyr (Wind) Chloe (Flowers)
4.2.5 The Family (Pasone, Torrda, Diome) Pasone (Love) Torrda (Fertility) Diome (Apathy; daughter to Pasone and Torrda)
4.2.6 Yasri the Dancer (Disorder and Madness)
4.2.7 Marriri the Duelist (Passion and Violence)
4.2.8 Kinnis the Abandoned (Otherworld/Underworld)
4.3 The Unclean Gods
4.3.1 Sudswaller (Kitchen Sinks and Drains)
4.3.2 Ashpuddle (Collector of Broken-Yet-Precious Things)
4.3.3 Gloss (Language)
4.3.4 Tatamiri the Book-Keeper
4.3.5 Tylin (Underdogs)
4.3.6 Tomtar (The Question)

5. Geography of Blackbloom

5.1 Ghost Marshes
5.2 End of the World
5.3 Kinnis Maw (Exomorphic Archipelago)
5.4 Inferno Tors
5.5 Pure
5.6 Chasmlands
5.7 Delves of A'kaar
5.8 Glanworn Isle
5.9 Shining Hills
5.10 Wandering Bayou